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Shelters holding dogs they believe to be Anatolian Shepherds please email us

We will work with you to determine whether the dog is an Anatolian Shepherd or mix, assess temperament and determine how/if we will be able to provide assistance.


Owner rehomes

NASRN is not able to assist with owner rehomes at this time.  

Rehoming suggestions:

  • Contact the person you bought the dog from. Reputable breeders will help you with rehoming and/or behavioral issues. 
  • If you adopted your dog from a rescue or shelter, please contact them immediately. Most adoption agreements require you to contact the adopting agency if you are unable to keep your dog. 
  • offers rehoming advertising on their websites and provides resources to help guide you through the process of screening potential homes.
  • also offers rehoming advertising on their website and offers many other tips and resources.
  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America is a breed registry club for Anatolian Shepherd dogs.
  • Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, International is a breed club for Anatolian Shepherd dogs.
  • Have the dog scanned at a vet office for microchip. Note that there are two different sets of frequencies. If the dog has tags, call the issuing agency or vet practice for owner contact info.  If an owner is found, note the date contacted and result, e.g. surrender, doesn’t want, etc
  • If the dog does not have any ID, c ontact your local animal control facility for instructions and information on local laws regarding found dogs before contacting us. Ask if anyone has reported a dog missing that matches the description of the dog that you found . List dog on any listings they maintain.
  • Find out if there a local written ordinance on how long a stray hold is and what the procedures are.
  • Post at least five flyers in area where is dog was found. Note the dates and location of posters.




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