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Adoption Information

Please be sure to read all About Anatolian Shepherd Dogs
before considering adopting one!

Thank you for choosing to adopt a new member of your family!  Our goal is to find the best fit for both the adopter and the dog because this is a lifelong commitment.

We have a strict "No-Fence-No-Dog" policy.  No exceptions. 

Invisible fencing is not an acceptable means of containment

PLEASE be sure to read this entire page before filling out the application & before emailing us with questions.  

NASRN is staffed 100% by volunteers. We all have jobs, families, animals and other responsibilities and do this in our spare time.  Please be patient with us!


  • No-Fence-No-Dog-No-Exceptions. It doesn't matter if you live at the end of a dead-end road or if you live on a million acres.  No fence, no dog, no exceptions.
  • No invisible fence or barbed wire fencing.
  • No apartment homes
  • Working (livestock) dogs:  We can only adopt experienced LGDs into working homes. If the dog has not been evaluated with livestock and proved to be trustworthy, we cannot place it into a working (livestock) home.
  • We prefer applicants who are at least 21 years or older. If you are under 21, living with a roommate or are still living at home, in a dorm, or in an apartment, we will consider applications on a case by case basis.
  • If you rent, please be prepared to provide contact information for your landlord or property management company and let them know that one of our volunteers will be contacting them.
  • We are committed to finding the best-matched homes for our dogs and screen all applicants carefully. When possible we will do home visits and meet and greets.
  • We require veterinary references on all applications.
  • We do follow-ups with our adopting families to make sure the honeymoon phase transitions into a stable, loving relationship that will remain for years to come.
  • Transport options may be available, depending on where you live. Generally, we can try to assist with transport, using volunteer drivers, within a 1,000-mile radius.  There is no fee for "relay runs," however, the adopting party is required to drive at least the last leg of the trip (roughly 75-100 miles).
  • Please note that there is NO guarantee made, express or implied, that any person requesting to adopt a dog through NASRN, or a dog posted on NASRN's Website, will be approved.
  • Be aware that our online application works best with a desktop or laptop computer. 
  • If you are receiving an error message it is probably because you did not fill out all of the required fields.
  • NOTE: NASRN does not adopt dogs outside of the contiguous U.S.


 heart CLICK HERE to complete an Online Dog Adoption Application 

Stop and read:

No fence = No dog

No exceptions 

No invisible fencing

Completing the application will give us more information on you, your home and family, both two-legged and four-legged.  This is the first step in the adoption process.

The application process helps us to be sure that you are capable of caring for an Anatolian Shepherd and to make sure you are the most compatible home for this dog.

We usually require an interview, either in person or by telephone. Local adoptions require on-site home visit and meet & greets.

Completing an application does not guarantee an adoption. 

NOTE:  NASRN does not adopt dogs outside of the contiguous U.S.

NOTE: Secure fencing is required on all adoptions, with no exceptions. This is non-negotiable. 


heartIf your application is approved, the next step is to pay your adoption fee and sign the adoption agreement.

If this is a long distance adoption, transport options will be discussed following approval.


heartPAY my adoption fee via PayPal Giving Fund

Your adoption coordinator will tell you what the adoption fee is.


Adoption fees:   Varies according to age, special needs and mix $100-$300

Discounted fees:  Senior dogs, dogs with special needs and some mixes.

PLEASE NOTE:   Due to the number of people not paying their adoption fees or writing bad checks, we now require all adoption fees paid before/when the dog is picked up.  

Adoption fee includes the following:

  • Spay or neuter the dog

  • Fully vaccinate, including Rabies

  • Heartworm Test

  • Fecal--test and treat for internal parasites

  • Treat for external parasites

  • Give a general veterinary exam




Fencing Requirements

  • The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a large, powerful yet very agile and athletic dog. Secure fencing for an Anatolian is a “must”.
  • They are able to quickly hop over a 4ft fence with little to no effort.
  • While invisible fencing may work for some breeds, it is not recommended for Anatolians. 
  • Barbed wire is not acceptable













Secure fencing will keep your Anatolian Shepherd Dog safely at home where it is supposed to be. They cant be on duty, protecting your home, family or flock if they are on a walkabout somewhere down the road. Anatolians are nomadic by nature and they will continually expand their territory if given the chance. It doesn’t matter how remote your property is or how many acres you own, the Anatolian Shepherd will not respect property boundaries without a secure fence. 

In addition to the dangers of the dog being shot, hit by a car, lost or even stolen, there is also the financial liability of the owner. A loose Anatolian Shepherd Dog can get into a lot of trouble and you, the owner, will be responsible for all damages your dog brought about. We have taken in many dogs over the years who were given up by their owners because they either didn’t have any fencing at all or had inadequate fencing. Many
of   them  were shot, some have had legs amputated due to gun shot wounds. Many others were killed or ordered by the court system to be destroyed. 

For all of these reasons, we have a strict NO FENCE, NO DOG policy on all adoptions.

We recommend having a fence that is a minimum height of 4.5 feet. Considerations for a home with a 4 ft fence will be made on an individual basis, dependent upon the dog in question.  






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